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9mobile free daily 150Mb Data On Gantech Vpn

Finally there is a new working cheat for 9mobile users to enjoy and flex with free daily 150mb data on Gantech Vpn APK.

Gantech VPN is a new free browsing vpn which was recently launched by Mr gan, owner of, for people to use and enjoy unlimited data worldwide and globally.

Today I will be talking on how to use the VPN tweak to be able to enjoy free daily 150mb data on 9mobile to browse any website and apps on our mobile phone devices.

Requirements needed

  • Gantech VPN Apk
  • Valid 9mobile SIM
  • Android device
  • The full steps and guidelines

9Mobile 150MB Daily Cheat Settings on Gantech Vpn

  • After downloading Gantech VPN Apk and successful install
  • Open the app
  • You will need to use internet data to load up the server if it your first time using Gantech VPN
  • After it load up, select any server from the list
  • Open up the tweak list
  • Choose 9mobile 150MB daily
  • Tap Connect
  • Enjoy unlimited 150MB daily

Closing Thought

By doing the above task, you will be able to enjoy free daily Unlimited 150mb on Gantech Vpn APK everyday. To enjoy more than 150 mb you can get another 9mobile SIM to use or wait till next day to continue the enjoyment on 9mobile.

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Mr Gan

Mr Gan is a certified Tech Expert: Web Developer, pro-blogger, UI UX, Cyber security and also Digital marketing via the use of SEO, His skills have earned him both local and international badges, as well as countless proof of successful work.

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