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All You Need To Know About Mtn New Esim

Esim is the Future and Could Replace Your Normal SIM Card Soon in the future, you may not need a physical tangible SIM card any longer to access the internet or make a call, as the result of the newly introduced E-sim recently launched. But what is really an E-sim?
An Esim is a smaller embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card, joined into a device (phones, etc) motherboard with all the functions of a regular SIM. In other words, the E-sim is a smaller version of the detachable SIM found on your phone but in a much smaller form.

But what is the main reason for introducing the new Esim, its obvious that the phone manufacturers want to get rid of the space occupied by the removable sim card? for a sim card to work, there must be a socket that will hold it and the circuit which will connect it to the motherboard together and other necessary parts needed, but with an Esim this space is not important and manufacturers can have the benefits of making less heavy phones with more beautiful and lightweight designs. This was the same reason, phone producers adopted the use of nano-SIM and mini SIM cards years ago but it looks like that is not even enough now. The same reason why we now have phones with non-removable batteries. All this technology is to make the phone less bulky and appealing to the eyes.
How E-sim Really Works
It has M2M (Machine to Machine) and Remote power capabilities which provide you with an enhanced customer experience when activating and managing your phones. When you buy a phone with this eSIM in it, you can activate your preferred operator by going to phone settings, then select your network and what plan you want and you will be connected, without going out to a sim agent to activate for you before using.

Esim Simcard by

Interestingly, the new smartphones from Google – Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 comes with eSIM, though Google rightly included a slot for removable SIM, as well because it’s not yet rampant but expect to see it replacing the normal SIM card in nearest future.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, in the GSMA Seminar Thomas Henze, Program Director eSIM, Product Innovation, Deutsche Telekom demonstrated activating his phone, via scanning a code that in his demonstration was part of a physical letter from an operator.

The eSIM is the future but it will not happen overnight, look down at your phone now and it’s still got a physical SIM, and will still need one when you pass it onto your kids, other family members, or sell it.

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