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Anonymous Hackers Join Nigeria EndSars Protests

The most popular hacking group worldwide (Anonymous Group), have finally join the EndSars Movement in Nigeria.

This happen yesterday when the group took to Twitter and claimed of hacking thousands of database of the Nigeria police unit server and leaking all Thier bank details, name and address of where they reside.

Anonymous demand justice for all Nigeria who have been affected with police brutality in Nigeria, and request for immediate cancel of SARS and disband of the newly formed SWAT within 72 hours, or they will leak all Thier secret online to the people and the world.

Nigeria have gained more popular attention worldwide with the Endsars protest going on, and many people have showed support for it and called for immediate disbandment of the police force.

Who is Anonymous

Anonymous is a popular decentralized global activist group, that is popularly known for many cyberattacks against several bad governments, government agencies, corporations, that are involved in corruptions.

A video was also realeased due to the claim of the warning by anonymous group to the Nigeria government to end police brutality in Nigeria, and put and end to the Sars police Force unit who are allegedly involved bin killing and extortion of youth unlawfully in Nigeria.

We will love to hear your comment on this move by anonymous, drop a comment below this post.

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