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Cryptotab browser pro is a premium paid browser that let you browse the internet for free and earn money while doing so, this app allows you to earn free cryptocurrency by browsing on any websites you wish and want anytime.

Withdraw and transfer bitcoin directly to your preferred wallet address by earning an amazing reward on the crypto tab browser, fast and secured browser with privacy option and secured location. CryptoTab browser is the world first bitcoin mining browser, with over 100 million downloads on playstore.

CryptoTab Pro Browser reward you for browsing any website you visit by using the app to surf the internet, this app is the first of its kind and you can withdraw your earnings directly to your wallet address. Fast and lite mode browsing for easy surfing of the internet.

Benefits of Cryptotab Browser Pro

  • Earn reward while browsing on any website
  • Fast and easy browsing
  • Secure and private browsing
  • Battery saver & optimization
  • Free bitcoin earning & withdrawal
  • Data saver & lite browsing
  • Speed mutipliers
  • X2 speed booster miner

How to install Cryptotab browser Pro correctly

Best way to correctly install Cryptotab browser Pro APK for free without buying the app from the store.

  • Download the APK file below here
  • Install the app and don’t open yet
  • Click the link here and scroll down you will see get on playstore
  • Click on Get on playstore button
  • It will redirect you to playstore to open the app
  • Click on open and create a new account with your Gmail on cryptotab
  • Enable bitcoin Mining and set as default browser.

How do i earn on cryptotab browser pro

To be able to earn free cryptocurrency on cryptotab pro apk, you need to download the app and install the app on your phone, register and create an account on it. Then set it as your preferred browser, so whenever you want to browse any website, the browser will open on default and you can use it to browse any website and earn on it continously.

Steps to follow:

  1. Download the app and register on cryptotab
  2. set the browser as default browser >>
  3. goto phone settings >>
  4. click on app and notifications >>
  5. Click on advance >>
  6. select default apps >>
  7. choose cryptotab as your prefered browser
  8. Now start browsing any website with it.


Download details

App NameCryptotab browser Pro
App Size53 MB
VersionLatest released
ModPro unlocked
Telegram Join Here

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  1. Good morning boss, I could only see : (Enable SDP Mining) on the dashboard after I have logged in and it’s prompting that I should download again from playstore

  2. Thanks for this. A question pls❓

    What if I don’t make use of the browser that much.
    Would it still mining while I’m off the app?

    On average, how much btc can I mine daily

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