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Glo fast internet speed settings for stable connection

Increase your Glo internet with more speed, fast. Enjoy good stable network everyday on your Glo network line.

It’s has always been a normal things for Glo network to be slow in most area or States in Nigeria, as Thier are considered to be one of the slowest network coverage provider in Nigeria with poor internet speed.

Their have been cases like your Glo network will turn off automatically on its on while data is still much in it, and sometimes it won’t even go ON again and just stays out of coverage for no reasons.

But worry no more, this post or article is dedicated to help you to solve such problems, you faced on your Glo SIM. Kindly follow each of the guides and steps bellow.

How to make Glo Internet speed fast

The main core reason why most Glo network speed are slow, is because Thier APN settings are not set and configure in the right way.

Many people just buy Thier SIM and insert to their phone without checking and verify if Thier APN settings is normally set in the right way for fast internet speed connection.

Let see the right steps to configure and set our APN for increased in internet speed below:

  • Take your phone and goto settings
  • Click on your mobile phone network and settings
  • Select SIM card
  • Choose Glo
  • Now scroll down and find APN settings
  • Click on Access point name
  • Click on + button to create new APN settings
  • Select APN name
  • Enter >> Gantech
  • Goto APN area
  • Enter >>
  • Username >> None leave blank
  • Password >> None leave blank also
  • Authentication type >> leave as default
  • Click the menu option and click save to saved the new APN settings.

How to make your Glo Internet speed a stable connection

Go back to the new APN settings, you just created and scroll down to bearer options and follow this below settings to make your Glo Network connection stable and fast.

  1. Goto APN settings
  2. Scroll down and click on bearer settings
  3. Unmark >> unspecified option
  4. Now choose the bearer connection you want
  5. Select LTE and the next 4 options if your phone is compatible with 4g and you are using 4g Glo SIM
  6. If it’s not 4g don’t select LTE
  7. Select the next 4 options >> Hspa >> HSDPA >> Hsupa >> HSDPA click ok and save the new settings.

Closing Thought

After doing all the above settings your Glo SIM Networks speed and connection, should be more stable and fast anytime anyday. By using the Mtn APN prove to be more faster and make the network more stronger for Glo SIM after setting your bearer options from unspecified.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below if it’s work for you and also you can join us here on our telegram channel for more tricks and new latest updates.

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