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How to always get unlimited connection time on Ha tunnel VPN plus

Ha tunnel plus VPN Unlimited time connection on every one-click video per ads view on your mobile device, get up to 6 hours per video ads showed to you every time.

To be able to Enjoy unlimited browsing with hatunnel VPN on all networks, you need to always watch video ads in other to give you more connection time to be able to use the application without disconnecting.

Each video Ads is up to 20mins plus before you are been rewarded automatically with the time connection, by clicking the Add time option which will only give you up to 1hours of free connection to use the app, and later on disconnect automatically when your time run down.

How to get unlimited time on Ha tunnel VPN

Today i will be giving the tricks on how to always get unlimited connection time on ha tunnel plus free browsing apk, without wasting time on watching too many video ads.

  1. Open your Hatunnel vpn app
  2. import your prefered file and start VPN
  3. After you are connected fully to the app
  4. Click on the Menu button
  5. Select Renew Access from the list
  6. wait for the video to load finish
  7. After watching the video click the exit button
  8. Your New time will be added to you
  9. Start browsing without disruption.

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Following the above steps and guidelines, you will be able to get 6 hours plus on every video ad you watch, which will also save you the stress of your VPN application disconnecting every secs and min. You can also keep watching more video ads to keep accumulating your time for unlimited connection, with an above trick.

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