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How To Create A Working Paypal That Send And Receive Money In Nigeria

It’s no new that Nigerian PayPal do not receive fund but can only send, this makes it difficult for it to be used for online business aside for buying and paying for goods and services.

I have thought about this a lot and I decided top research on it and discovered a way out and this is the use of Lesotho PayPal which has the full PayPal feature, which means that it can send and receive fund as well as do other thing a foreign PayPal does, so let me go straight to the point. Click on this Link here, When you do that, this is the page you will see below.


When you are on the page you need to choose business, because we are opening a business account and that is the account that has the full paypal feature we need. So click on Signup and then select business account on the next page.

When that is done you will be taken to the next page where you are to provide your email as shown in the image above. It’s best if you open a fresh verified Gmail for this purpose. Enter your email there and click on continue… Please it’s advisable you use a Gmail account or a custom email if you have one, avoid yahoo mail at all cost. When you enter the email , click on next and you will be taken to the next page below.

On the next page you will be required to enter your personal information and your business information.. Don’t worry about the business info but make sure you are using your real name as it is on your document here.
So in the email field, we enter the email we want to use to open the paypal account and then enter and reenter the desired password.

On the business information area , where asked for legal names enter your original first name and last name there, for business name you can put any business name you want to use there, it doesn’t matter whether registered or not, in my case I just put a name I want.

Where asked for telephone number, click the dropdown option from Lesotho and change it to Nigeria which is 234 and the you enter your mobile number there omitting the very first zero that start the number, for instance instead of 08045, use 8045.and then you enter your address as it is on your bank statement and the next is to select the currency you want the PayPal to use, in this case select USD and tick, I AGEE AND CONTINE and click Agree and Continue.

See image below:

When you do this you will be taken to the next page which is the tell us about your business page where you will be required to tell them what type of business. Just select individual and then select anything as category and subcategory here and proceed you can omit the URL option and leave blank.

And then click on continue and you will be taken to account holder information page where you are required to provide an identification document for verification. Put in Nigeria as your nationality, select the document you wish to use and enter the corresponding details there, in my case I am using an international passport so I will select that from the dropdown and provide the passport number and my original date of birth as it is on the passport.

See image below:

So next is to submit it by clicking submits as shown above. When you do that you will get to a page as shown below asking you to confirm your email address to activate your account and setup your payment.

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