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How to link your National id card to Mtn and Airtel SIM with USSD code

See how you can easily link your national id card to your Airtel and mtn SIM directly with USSD code without going to the network customer services center or any other places.

Few days ago the NCC anononce the linking of NIN card with SIM card a compulsory option to all old and new SIM in Nigeria or they will face the penalty of SIM blockage.

The NCC give a few days for this process to be completed or you will face the penalty check out the full story here and what day is the deadline, by clicking this link here for more information.

This new rule by NCC have made all the Networks provider in Nigeria to rush and find a fast easy way for people in Nigeria to start this National id card linking process directly on Thier phone with USSD.

Only few of this company have responded or provided a way of linking your National id card with your SIM card, which are Airtel and Mtn. You can also check here to know if your SIM is already linked to national id card.

To link your old or new national id card with your mtn SIM follow this below guidelines.

  • Open your android or iPhone device
  • Dial *785#
  • Take your national id card NIN and copy your NIN number to your phone clipboard
  • After copying the national id card 11 digit, paste it and send
  • You will get a reply you have successfully linked your National id card to Mtn mobile SIM for free.

Airtel have also provide a simple way to link your NIN number with your Airtel SIM by dialling a simple ussd code on your mobile device.

  • Take your phone
  • Dial *121*1#
  • Copy your 11 digits NIN number
  • Paste to the box
  • click send to submit
NIN linked successfully


If you don’t have your NIN yet and want to apply click here to start your partial registration online. The NCC have also cancel the N20 charge to check if your SIM is already link to NIN, click to see how you can do that.

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