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How to move / backup WhatsApp chats to telegram

Read how to transfer your WhatsApp chats and groups message to telegram exact way it’s appears on your WhatsApp without losing any data, including images and videos.

You might have been finding ways to transfer your WhatsApp group to telegram or backup your WhatsApp files or chat to telegram directly without lose, worry no more this post is actually meant to guide you on that.

This tricks can also be used to monitor people chats by transfering the chat to your telegram account and read it later including videos and pictures of the chat.

I will be sharing the quick and easy steps to do this now here on this post, which at the end you will succefully be able to do this.

Requirements needed

  1. WhatsApp messenger account
  2. Telegram message account
  3. Below settings and guidelines

How to move or backup WhatsApp chats to telegram

  • Open your WhatsApp messenger chat
  • Click on the chat or group you want to move or backup to telegram
  • Click the menu icon
  • Select More
  • Click on Export chat
  • Now you will get a option to export with media or without
  • Select the option you preferred
  • Now from the next menu choose telegram app icon
  • After the app have open, select the group chat you want to backup message to or personal accounts you will like to send d message to.
  • Congratulations you are done moving and transfering your WhatsApp chats history to telegram.


You can these tricks to transfer your WhatsApp group to a telegram without losing any data (images, videos, files) or backup your WhatsApp chat history in case you want to move to a new phone or device.

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