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How to recover deleted photos on your android devices 2021 method

Recover your lost old photos or new snapped pictures that are mistakenly deleted from your android phones or iPhones devices with these simple tricks and method. In case you forget to backup your phone pictures before it got deleted or disappear on your mobile device, below are some simple tips to get it retrieved back.

In some cases, where your phone use google photos as a gallery to saved your snapped pictures, google might have help you automatically sync and backup your photos with your gmail, you can also check your trash bin on google photos to check for some recently deleted photos to be able to restore.

How to recover deleted photos without backup

There are many diffrent ways you can recover your deleted photos back to your mobile device when it got deleted, most of the best ways required you to make a backup of the photos before it got deleted, but what if you dont have time to do that or you forget to do. worry no more check this full post for the full details on how you can recover your deleted photos without backup.

By Using Diskdigger Apk

this is an app that will allow you to recover your deleted photos without backup, this app will scan your phone device to see the recent photos you have before and bring the options to reinstall or restore the picture. to be able to enjoy this app you need to root your device to be able to get full functionality and recovering of more old pictures, but worry not the app can still get your picture even without root by using the pro apk, download the apk below here.

Follow this steps to recover lost photo with diskdigger:
  • Download and install the app
  • select one of the scan options
  • if your device is rooted select root
  • wait for the app to scan to retrieve your photos
  • select the picture you want for recovery
  • click recover and wait for results.

Note: Diskdigger works best on rooted device and it scans more latest lost photos for you to recover quickly, meanwhile you can still use the free scan to get some photos also and recover them back. but we highly recommend you always backup your photos to cloud storage to avoid you losing your important photos and documents, read the below post for how to do that early.


How to backup my photos to cloud storage

There are many ways you can backup your photos to cloud storage, I will be talking about the fastest and easiest one here below this post, continue reading to get the full details and tips about them.

1. Google photos

Open google photos app, select the picture you want to backup and select the backup option in the app to sync with your gmail, anytime you login back your gmail to your phone the picture will automatically be restored back to your phone even if its new phone, so far you have login our gmail and it has google photos app.

2. Google Drive

Google drive is another amazing app to use for your app backup and restore purpose, the app have over 15gb space to use for your cloud storage which you can use to save any files of your choice including images.

How to use google drive for images and files backup:
  • Open the google drive app
  • Click the + sign to add and upload
  • select the files or image you want to save to the cloud
  • click ok and wait for it saves
  • you have successfully backup your file

Extra Tips:

To avoid the issue of losing your photos, videos, apps and files again you can download a recycle bin app on playstore to save and store your deleted files for a particular day before permanently deleting it.

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