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How to save WhatsApp status without using any Apps

Finally you can now save WhatsApp status you viewed from your friends profile , without asking or waiting for your friends to send to you, before you can have access to it and have it saved on your phone.

This method / Tricks , doesn’t require any app for you to download or use before you can save a WhatsApp status, because most of all this app that offer WhatsApp status downloading are not supported by WhatsApp Inc, and usually most of them do comes with malware or spyware in them.

So let move to the steps how you can save WhatsApp status without using any third party apps or begging your friends to send before using them.

Steps to follow:

1. First of all, Navigate to your file manager and find the WhatsApp folder you are using, as shown below.

Click on WhatsApp folder

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2.  Press the menu option to view your hidden folders, check below image for guidance.

Click to show hidden files

After you have view the hidden folders, you will notice that your folders will increase in number and show more hidden files and folders

3.   Open “Media” folder

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5.  After opening you will see a hidden folder named  “.statuses” click on it and open, that will be where your viewed status will be

6.   After opening the folder, you can now see all your viewed whatsapp status in it and select and copy all the ones you want to save to your phone to another folder on your phone which is different from the ” .statutes ” folder.

Note:  that this “.status” folder contains all the viewed statuses for only the  period of 24hr made available by whatsapp, to save the viewed status file for future, move/copy them to another folder of your choice.

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