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How to stop being added to random groups on WhatsApp and telegram

Block unknown people or strange contacts from adding you to any unknown random groups on WhatsApp and Telegram without your permission, follow these easy simple tricks now for more details.

It’s has been a common and global habit for unknown people and strange contacts to add you either to a WhatsApp group or telegram groups without your permission, this has made many people stop and quit using telegram and WhatsApp social media apps.

This normally happens on these two 2 social media app frequently, because by default every Telegram and WhatsApp user can be added to any random group without Their consent or permission.

That is why it’s very important for you to follow up on this article, in other to stop such action keep recurring, again and again, to avoid your phone contacts filled with groups which can also affect your data usage life.

Have you been added to a lot of Telegram and WhatsApp groups without your permission, you can stop that from happening again by following this post now, Continue reading.

How to stop being added to unknown group on Telegram

  • Open Telegram app
  • Login to your account
  • Click settings
  • Click Privacy & security
  • Click on groups
  • Select my contact option
How to stop being added to random groups on WhatsApp and telegram

By selecting my contacts, you have restricted your telegram account to accept group invitations only from people you know only and are already on your contacts. you can also use the Exception menu to disable some contact you don’t want to add to any groups without permission.

How to stop getting added to unknown group on whatsApp

  • Open your whatsapp account
  • Click Menu
  • Select Settings
  • Click account
  • Now click on privacy
  • Select Groups
  • Toggle from everyone to my contacts
How to stop being added to random groups on WhatsApp and telegram

In case you have some of your friends or contacts that do add you to any random groups without asking for your permission, you can use the last option of My contacts except the option to block such person from adding you to any group without sending you the group link and ask if you will like to join.

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