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How to unlock any betting app for full VIP access

We are back again with new tricks on Gantech, today we will talking on how to hack and unlock any betting app for full Premium VIP access without making payment for it.

Betting has always been one of the fastest way to make money online by making a prediction of a football games or any other sports games. But how do we know a sure predictions which will not come to failed or lose?

Yes, that’s is very very important and that’s is why we are writing this post here at Gantech to give you a quick guide on how to get at least a 80% game predictions accuracy with a Premium betting apps.

To be able to get this apps with a good predictions accuracy of at least 70%, we need to make payment for it on playstore for its Premium VIP access and games, but is that a good idea to pay for a betting app you might end up losing with it?

Worry no more, we have made this post just because of that and how you can get any betting apps for free.

How to unlock any betting app

To be able to unlcoked any betting app for free we need to take look at below steps for full tutorial guidelines and crucial help on it.

  • First of all, we head to playstore and download the betting app we want to hack or unlock
  • Now you need to get the app we will use for this unlocking Lucky patcher apk
  • Install both app on your phone you want to unlock the app with
  • Now open lucky patcher apk
  • Navigate and find the betting app
  • Click on it
  • Now click on create modified APK
  • Click on menu of patches
  • Click create modified apk
  • Select patch for in app purchases
  • Now click on rebuild app directly
  • Wait for some minutes
  • After patching click on re install or minimize and uninstall old app from playstore and install the patch APK
  • Goto the app and click on purchase, select the two options above and click ok
  • Viola, you have successfully unlocked a VIP betting app for free.

Watch Tutorial


By following the above methods and tutorial you will be able to successfully unlcoked any betting app for free without making a purchase of it with your money.

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  1. Boss…winwin and baw betting apps always request for your email before opening the app but after you have hack the apk and try to open it,it keeping asking for your gmail but won’t open the app
    I even try downloading from but it’s still the same

      1. Pls which kind of betting app can I hack? And pls recommend the best betting app for me to download

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