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How to use Twitter App in Nigeria without VPN

Use your Twitter account in Nigeria without using a VPN application, Bypass the Twitter ban in Nigeria tweet from your account without using a VPN application.

Recently the Nigerian government placed a ban on using the Twitter application in Nigeria, In which Nigeria is one of the largest users of the Twitter application, with over a 50million active users using the app.

This Ban was reportedly due to Twitter deleting the Nigerian government tweets which don’t follow Twitter policy and some other political issues.

Meanwhile, some Nigeria is still finding a way to access and use Their account in Nigeria with a VPN Application, which is also not a legal way in Nigeria.

Today, I will be sharing the best way to connect to your Twitter account using a VPN Application, what you only need is the below settings and configuration guide in other to access your account without VPN application.

How to use Twitter without using VPN in Nigeria

Fast and easy way to use your Nigerian Twitter account without using a VPN Application to access the app.

  • Open your Twitter app
  • Click on the Menu icon
  • Select settings and Privacy
  • Find proxy and click on it
  • Enable HTTP proxy
  • Enter as proxy Host
  • For port enter 8000
  • Click save and close twitter app
  • Now go back and refresh your Twitter

More Twitter Proxy For Nigeria

  • Proxy: port: 8080
  • Proxy: Port: 8080
  • Proxy: Port: 999
  • Proxy: port: 8080
  • Proxy: port: 8080
  • Proxy: port: 53128

How to use Twitter in Nigeria with VPN

In case you wish to power your Twitter account with a VPN application or you can’t go through the above process, then you can go ahead to follow the below steps and guide on how to power your account with a VPN application.

  • Download VPN application from here
  • Open the app and select any location
  • Then click connect to change your phone location
  • Goto Twitter and start tweeting.

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