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Mtn 100mb daily free browsing cheat on stark vpn reloaded

Mtn 100mb daily free browsing setting on stark vpn reloaded apk, this new cheat is the replacement of the old 50mb cheat that was made available on stark vpn reloaded before, continue reading to get full details and how to set your vpn to enjoy the cheat.

But recently the developer made a new update and add a new cheat for mtn and etisalat 300mb daily on stark vpn reloaded apk. The 100mb data was really meant to be use to browse the NCDC websites and get latest news and update about covid in nigeria and other countries.

Mtn 100mb daily free browsing cheat

But you known as the tech guys, we have to find a way for you to enjoy this data for free and browse on all website everyday without any issues, this new tweak is not unlimited its capped daily at 100mb / day. its work on any mtn sim be it 4g or 3g, 2g sims you will keep enjoying it daily.

Features of stark vpn reloaded

Below are the features and benefits of stark vpn reloaded apk or app.

  • No need to download configuration files
  • fast and easy browsing
  • Power all apps and websites
  • Compatible with whatsapp calls and videos
  • Fast servers updates

Requirement to use mtn 100mb daily on stark vpn reloaded

  • MTN 0.0k SIM (3G or 4G)

After getting all the above requirements, you need to follow the below settings carefully, because the vpn settings is technical to use and enjoy the daily 100mb cheat on your phone for free.

How to activate mtn 100mb daily cheat on stark vpn reloaded app

Yeah, this is the main thing we have been waiting to hear and known how to do on our phone to start enjoying the 100mb cheat daily, follow all below steps to be able to enjoy this cheat for free.

  • First, you need to download stark vpn reloaded
  • get your mtn 0.0k sim ready and active
  • Launch the app you download and open
  • Click on Tweak button
  • Select Mtn 100mb daily 2021
  • Now click the red button below
  • Wait for it to show green and connect
  • Start enjoying your free mb everyday.



After doing the above settings and configuration you will be able to enjoy your free daily 100mb on stark vpn reloaded vpn apk everyday for free, and also you don’t need to worry about new files update to use for your vpn as the tweaks are already inbuilt on stark vpn reloaded apk, all you need to is just select and connect.

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