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Mtn 20years Anniversary free Data code

Mtn 20years anniversary is been celebrated today and Mtn is giving out free data and free call package to their active and loyal customers.

Mtn is now 20 years since it full operational service worldwide, and there are been regard as one of the best and top network services provided in Africa.

Mtn 20years anniversary gift offer

Free 200Mb data to be shared among all mtn users worldwide to browse on any website and Download, with the anniversary data.

5mins free call to any network of your choice in Nigeria, eligible for all mtn users and customers to enjoy this offer.

Free suv cars to be won by some lucky mtn users, upto 10 cars for grab for Mtn loyal customers.

How do I activate my free MTN 200Mb data anniversary

Your data will be automatically be given to you directly from Mtn without doing anything special or dailing any code on your mobile phone.

How to check my data balance for Mtn 20years anniversary free data

You can check your available data balance by dailing *556# or *131*4# on your mobile and you will see your remaining data balance.

Will I be able to get more data

No you can only get the data once, since it only for celebration of Thier 20years anniversary, but you can get more data on your other Mtn line by following same steps.

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