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Mtn 500Mb Free browsing data Cheat for October 2021

Free daily Mtn E-learning 500MB cheat code for October Mtn free browsing to browse on any websites and app, by using the below configuration file and settings to power your phone to browse free.

A few months ago, I published a post on how to browse unlimited by using ha tunnel VPN app to tunnel your mobile network with some files configurations and settings.

Which was later blocked by the isp providers and some are being limited to 50 – 150MB daily data.

Today I will be giving out the new settings to use with the app to get free daily 0.0k 500MB from Mtn, to browse any website for free without using any data, All you need to do is to follow the settings below and guide.

Requirements needed to get free data 500MB

  • Mtn 3G or 4G sim card
  • Mtn E learning data
  • Gantech vpn apk
  • Below settings and guide

Mtn E learning cheat 500MB on Gantech vpn apk

The latest October 2021 update to the new Mtn e learning cheat can now be used on our VPN App “Gantech VPN” follow the below steps, carefully to known how you can reactivate and enjoy Mtn e learning cheat on this VPN app without using any files.

  • First download Gantech vpn apk from the link
  • After sucessful download open the app and update config
  • Click on the server menu and select Mtn 500MB server
  • Move to the below tweak button and select Mtn e learning
  • After selecting both menu options stated above, then click on connect
  • Now you have to wait till you get below message or you visit the website directly
Mtn 500Mb Free browsing data Cheat for July / August 2021

Download Ha Tunnel Plus v1.1.9 and config files from below, keep reading to get it.

Watch Mtn e learning cheat setting for Gantech Vpn Pro

How to activate free 500mb E learning daily mtn data

This 500MB daily data can be activated when you visit Mtn e-learning or Mobile Classroom site and registered or you can just download the Gantech VPN app below and import the file given to the app then click connect.

The data will automatically be given to you, to use only on the E-learning platform only. So, How do we make it power for all apps and websites?

How to power Mtn e learning data with all app and website on Ha tunnel

To be able to power your Mtn E-learning data with all apps and websites you need to follow below configuration guide and settings.

  • Download Ha Tunnel VPN v1.1.9 APK
  • Turn on your Mtn 0.0k network on
  • Open the app and import the configuration file you >> download Here
  • Enter Gantech as Password
  • Click on connect and watch video ads to add more time
  • Enjoy your free 500mb daily data

Note: you will be able to keep enjoying the free 500MB data daily until Mtn stops giving the data or it got a block or maybe if your files expire you can join us on telegram now to download new and fresh ones.

How to use more than 500mb Mtn E learning free data daily

For you to be able to use more than 500MB of cheat data, you need to get another Mtn SIM card and follow the above process to activate your data on the second sim.

This process can be repeated continuously if you have more than 1 or more Mtn SIM cards, for you to be able to enjoy more than 500MB of e-learning data daily. In case you only have 1 SIM card, you have to wait till the next day when you exhaust your daily limit of 500MB daily before you can continue again.

How to check your Mtn E learning Data Balance

To check and see your available Mtn E-learning free 500MB data dial *131*4# on your Mtn sim card. You will be shown the data you have left and what you got from Mtn.

Note that this data will expire in 24 hours daily and it cant be carried over till the next day, you have to exhaust it or you will lose the data till the next day before you can be given another when you follow the above steps.

Mtn 500Mb Free browsing data

Watch video tutorial

Important Notice: If you need new fast and stable files you can click here to join our telegram channel for fast files update and the latest cheat.

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