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Mtn YouTube: Unlimited data cheat for all apps and websites

Mtn is back with new fresh Goodies for Their customers but this time it’s mainly for those people who love videos watching on YouTube all day and nights.

Mtn recently introduced a new data plan package called Mtn YouTube Streaming services Plan, this package allow you to subscribe for a YouTube video services for low price cost, but this service period is only valid for few hours.

This new plan is available and not SIM selective, all mtn users are qualified for it to enjoy the package bonus on mtn. this plan is a way more similar to Glo wtf data plan.

Mtn youtube package

N501 hours StreamingUnlimited
N1303 hours StreamingUnlimited
N50Youtube Night500 MB
N200Weekly Night2 GB

How to subscribe to Mtn YouTube service

  • Dial *131# on your mtn SIM
  • Now dial 8 for video packs
  • Select YouTube video services
  • Now choose the package you want from the services listed for the YouTube plan
  • Enjoy your video streaming

How do I power with all app and websites

Using this cheat on YouTube only is not cool, as it may feels boring using it one app only. But worry no more we have find a valid way on Gantech to make it work for all and websites for you to download any thing between the given hours.

  1. First subscribe to your desired YouTube plan package, preferably N50 for 1hr or N130 for 3 Hours.
  2. Download Gantech Vpn
  3. You will need to use internet data to load up the server if it your first time using Gantech VPN
  4. After getting the above task done, goto Gantech Vpn select server mtn YouTube plan
  5. Select Tweak Mtn YouTube plan
  6. Now click on connect
  7. Wait for some minutes for it to connect
  8. Open any app and start browsing any website with your YouTube Streaming services for free.

How do I use this cheat on my laptop

To use this cheat on your laptop or share with your friends follow this steps to get it done easily.

  • First download Pdanet APK
  • Download FoxFi Premium Apk here to unlocked the Pdanet Premium version
  • Now Install the app on the phone you want to share with
  • If it’s pc you want to share with download Pdanet for pc here
  • Now open the app and select the connection method you want to use to share your connection, there are option like usb tethering and WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Select the option and check d tutorial guide in the app to share your VPN connection with PC or any other mobile devices

Closing Thought

Subscribing to any of mtn YouTube Streaming services btw the N50 and N130 will give you unlimited free browsing for the given period to download anything for free on Gantech Vpn.

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