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Ntel and Smile 4g Unlimited cheat settings October 2021

Latest update October 2021 0.0k Ntel and Smile 4G unlimited free browsing cheat for all apps and website browsing and downloading on the internet browsers.

We are back again with new freebies for Ntel and Smile sim network users to enjoy unlimited free browsing on their mobile phones without charges or buying any data.

This cheat is currently working for Nigeria users that have Ntel and Smile 4g sim cards and good network coverage for their SIM card to be able to enjoy endless browsing.

Requirements needed to browse free on Ntel and Smile 4g Unlimited

  • Active Ntel and Smile SIM card
  • Zero data 0.0k
  • Gantech VPN Pro
  • Psiphon vpn
  • stark vpn apk
  • Ha tunnel Apk
  • Ha tunnel configuration files
  • Below full settings and guide

Get any of the above app requirements ready so you can be able to enjoy this latest free browsing cheat for Ntel and Smile Network 4g speed of downloading and browsing.

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Ntel Unlimited cheat settings on Gantech Vpn pro

Ntel unlimited settings and tutorial guide on how to activate your free browsing on gantech VPN with your ntel sim:

  • Download gantech vpn apk
  • open the app with a liltle data to update your app config to latest
  • After sucessfull updating, click on servers and select ntel unlimited
  • move to the second box and select ntel unlimited
  • now click on the connect button to activate your browsing
  • congrat you have succesfully join the unlimited crew.
  • Check below umage for more illustration

Smile Unlimited setting on Gantech vpn

There is no much to talk about here since smile and ntel also use the same settings on gantech VPN pro apk, check the below image for proper guidance on what tweaks and servers, you select to activate your free browsing on a smile network.

Smile and Ntel latest working unlimited October 2021 settings

Recently smile and Ntel unlimited stopped working on ha tunnel VPN and many other VPN apps it used to work on before including the new build Gantech VPN, today I will be posting how you can make use of your smile and Ntel unlimited cheat on your phone.

  • first of all download Psiphon vpn pro apk
  • install and open the app
  • turn on your smile sim or ntel and connect
  • open psiphon vpn and select any servers
  • click on connect to be able to use the vpn server
  • when it connects you will be able to keep enjoying your unlimited data.

How to activate Ntel 4g Unlimited on Ha tunnel

  • Get all above requirements ready and installed
  • Open ha tunnel Apk
  • Download the configuration file for Ntel here
  • Turn on your Ntel data network
  • Import the downloaded file to ha tunnel
  • Enter Gantech as your password
  • Click ok and start to connect the file with your Ntel SIM card
  • Watch video ads to add time to your VPN app to avoid interruptions.

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How to activate Smile 4g Unlimited on Ha tunnel

Best way to activate your Unlimited free browsing on Ha tunnel Apk for fast free browsing and downloading:

Ntel Unlimited cheat settings on stark VPN reloaded

In case you don’t like ha tunnel Apk or you need a better way of connecting to Ntel Unlimited without watching ads then you need this:

  • Download Stark VPN reloaded APK
  • Open the app and install
  • Click on None or direct box at the top
  • Click on update tweak to show all tweak list
  • Select Ntel Unlimited
  • Connect with your Ntel SIM card with zero data 0.0k

SMILE 4G October 2021 cheat on stark VPN reloaded settings

Smile unlimited settings and full guidelines to browse for free with no data on stark VPN reloaded APK on your mobile.

  • Download and open stark VPN APK
  • Click on the none or direct button at the top of your mobile
  • Click on update tweak below
  • Find and select smile Unlimited
  • Click on start and connect it with your smile sim card
  • Enjoy unlimited free browsing

How to connect Ntel and Smile 4g Unlimited with Pc / Laptop

To connect your Ntel and Smile 4G cheat to pc and laptop device or iPhone, you need to check the below guide:

  • Download Pdanet APK file
  • Also download the pc version
  • Click here for full guides and settings how to use Pdanet software and app.

Where to buy Ntel and Smile 4G SIM card in Nigeria

Note that these SIM cards are rare, not common like the likes of Mtn Glo and Airtel sim cards, for you to be able to purchase any of these cards you need to visit each of Their websites and checked for Their coverage in your area before buying.

Closing Thoughts

With the above tricks and guidance, you should be able to start browsing unlimitedly with your Ntel and Smile 4g Unlimited sim card today, without any problems. Don’t forget to drop a comment below if you need help on the above.

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  1. please your config for the ha tunnel isn’t connecting.
    and the starkvpn also very very slow.
    ha tunnel has a better network speed.

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