PLOTAGON STORY: Pro App download + Mod Unlocked

Create amazing animated videos and cartoons on your android phones easily with “PLOTAGON STORY Pro app / Mod APK” all premium content unlocked with unlimited coins and character.

What’s Plotagon story

Plotagon Story is a Powerful mobile app to create animations on your mobile phones for adverts or to tell your story’s, it’s a perfect app to express yourself and feelings simply by writing your stories in the app and press play and animate to a cartoon.

Easily create your own actors and characters and make them speak in different languages or with your voice or friends, write a story and make it come to life with an animated movie, you made on your phone with Plotagon story.

Easily share with your friends and upload on any social media websites to see and watch globally. Plotagon story mod app doesn’t need data before you can start to use it to create your story.

Features of Plotagon Story Pro Mod Apk

  1. Create animations on your phones
  2. Use your own voice for any animated characters
  3. Easily share your story on YouTube and Facebook
  4. Create your own cartoon character
  5. Create your own story and scenes

Benefits of using Plotagon story Pro Mod

  • Unlimited coins / cash to purchase new and different characters
  • Anti Ban
  • All VIP features unlocked
  • Root not required to use
  • All clothes unlocked
  • Different languages / Voices

Phone Requirements

  • 1GB Available Memory storage
  • 2GB Ram
  • Android 5.0 Upward
  • Root not required
  • Good phone Graphics and sounds

How to download and install plotagon story apk

Best and easy way to download Plotagon story App compatible version with your device, tutorial and guideline

  • Click this link here to download plotagon story on Aptitude
  • Download and install aptitude apk
  • then search for plotagon story on aptitude to download both apk and obb together
  • open and install plotagon story after downloading from Aptitude
  • Proceed to next steps to Unlock plotagon pro for free.

How to unlock Plotagon story premium mod & pro apk

To get the Plotagon premium version unlocked successfully, kindly watch the full video tutorial below and follow all steps. The password is 04142020 when you download the data file from the below link.

Plotagon story unlock video tutorial

How to fix connection lost on plotagon story

Quick and fast easy tips to fix connection lost error problem, make sure you download Plotagon story from aptitude and disable google play store, then you can follow the above unlocking method to unlock your Plotagon story app for free.

App Information

NAMEPlotagon story apk

Mr Gan

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  1. Hello good day Mr Gentech sir please I download Ed the plotagon apk yesterday but the couldn’t install it because the program was writing wrong code upon I used the normal 04142020

  2. What the second file with ±800mb size password? When i try to extract the 2nd version mod it need password and I’ve tried with 04142020 and the system said invalid password

  3. Hello sir, Please the other file if 8oomb+ can’t be extracted it say password (04142020) is invalid.

  4. Thank you😌🙏 very much the gantech, I successfully installed the app and the file and even extract it in the fantabulous way you have made the tutorial. It my first time to extract file and with the simple guidelines you have created, it successful.
    But one thing I noticed is that; when I on my data, it show all the picture, but will now show either to download or buy with real money (go premium), but if I off my data the pictures will not show but I can use them free.
    So my question is, What can I do about it?
    The second question is, after the app has successfully opened, can I enable my Google Play Store?.

  5. Good morning bro do I need to download the plotagon apk and data file before it can work on my phone

  6. Thanks for sharing this.
    I downloaded both files “642.84mb and 854.84mb” but can’t find any apk file inside them.
    1. What is the difference between both files ( @gdriveit_bot.Plotagon Studio version 2 by Femtech Studio 800+mb and femtech Studio file hacked.7z 600+mb ) ?
    2. Do I need to install the apk file from playstore first?
    3. Can I use both files at the same time? Or just choose one?
    4. If choosing between both files which is better?

    Thanks as I wait for your response.

  7. Good evening Mr gantech, may u get more God bless you for this app you made free. Pls I have a question, I have many students I am teaching video Animation with plotagon story,but many of them are complaining that the app is not opening. Pls how can I solve it.

      1. Tanx,sir pls with all humility I need to get connected with you on WhatsApp. Pls this is my contact send me message. I will really be grateful

  8. Pls sir I have followed the process,all the characters and scenes were unlocked,but most of the clothes and accessories did not unlock. Why?

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