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Top 5 best most secured VPN app to use in 2021

Today I will be giving a quick insights, on Top 5 best most secured VPN app to use for online privacy protection from cyber crime in 2021.

There are many VPN apps out there, which are been published and created everyday on playstore and many other sources of downloading apps.

But how are we sure of the real VPN app to download and give us what we mainly download it for, which is the privacy protection and unlimited access to use different countries IP.

Yes, I will be revealing the best and most secured VPN app to use in 2021, kindly follow and pay attention to the below contents.

1. Vypr VPN

Vypr VPN is a very strong and powerful VPN app to use for your online privacy protection, it’s comes with thousands of countries IP to connect with and change your phone location with just one click.

Vypr VPN is a paid service VPN but comes with a free trial to test out before making a purchase. The VPN comes with a kill switch that automatically connects your VPN when data is active to keep your privacy, also you get 100% online Anonymity using vypr VPN.

2. Express VPN

Express VPN is another amazing all in one VPN that comes with full online privacy tools and an amazing user interface. The VPN offers different countries servers and IP locations with the ability to switch from one location with one click. Express VPN is also good for gaming with fast Servers with low pings.

Express VPN also give a free trial, to start with, but you can download express VPN mod here and enjoy the VPN service for free and a lifetime.

3. IP Vanish VPN

As the name goes IP Vanish, it’s a strong paid VPN app that protects your real IP address online and changes it automatically with another country own for your privacy.

IP vanish come with different locations and IP address and also offer ip lookup and kill switch features. They also offer free trial for new customers.

4. CyberGhost Vpn

CyberGhost is fast and reliable VPN service that comes with fast Servers that can boost your slow internet for streaming or gaming. The VPN comes with automatic WiFi protection 6100+ servers of 91 countries to connect with.

Cyber ghost offer a paid VPN service but you can also benefit a free trial start to check out the VPN app, it’s available for both mobile device and Laptops.

5. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is the most popular VPN provider in the world, despite its a Premium paid VPN app, this is due to the rampant leakage of Thier premium member account to hackers and sharing in public.

Alot of people have used this VPN and can testify on how fast the VPN is for streaming and gaming, but currently we can’t rank it Number 1 because of the rampant usage and leakage of Thier members account. The VPN is also available for both mobile and pc.


All the VPN mentioned above are all tested and graded by Thier speed and how good Thier are in securing your mobile phone or laptop IP address and vital information online. The vpn app are also good for streaming and gaming and all available are for laptop and iphones.

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