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V2RAY hybrid settings for Mtn, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile Unlimited Cheat

Settings for unlimited free browsing tweaks or cheat on V2Ray Hybrid VPN. Browse for free on any website without data with your Mtn, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile Sim card for free.

Recently we shared some tweaks on how to browse for free on any website using stark VPN reloaded app, but it seems the app server is not reliable and most users finding it difficult to connect.

Today I will be sharing the settings and guide on how to import and configure your glo, mtn, Airtel line with V2Ray Hybrid to browse unlimited and download with fast speed, without getting your data deducted.

V2RAY hybrid is a new V2Ray clients app that allows you to make some tweaks settings on the app that gives free browsing connection on any network you want or have the working host.

What Are The Requirements

  • V2RAY hybrid Application
  • Configuration File for V2Ray Hybrid
  • Good 3G & 4G Network Coverage
  • Active Mtn, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile SiM

V2RAY hybrid settings for Mtn Free browsing daily

First Make sure your Mtn SIM card is active with good network coverage and has no data balance. This is need so you won’t be charged from your Mtn data balance.

Now download the V2Ray Hybrid app from playstore or Directly from here, After downloading Open the app and click on + sign >> click import vhd file >> find the configuration file you download from the link here and import Enter “Gantech” as your password then click Connect.

Note: You have to come back to this post to download and get new configuration files to use for all your networks and browse unlimitedly.

V2RAY hybrid settings for Glo Unlimited Cheat

Download the V2Ray Hybrid app, then Get your Glo Sim card ready with active data upto 100MB data to activate your unlimited cheat.

Open V2RAY hybrid click on + sign >> select import vhd file, select the file you download from here and import and enter “Gantech” as your password for the file then click Connect.

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Note: Data is highly needed to power your Glo unlimited, meanwhile the data won’t be deducted and you will be able to use more than your data balance which makes it Unlimited.

V2RAY hybrid settings for Airtel Free browsing daily

Get your Airtel 0.0k sim ready and active with no data package or plan, then download V2Ray Hybrid app from here or playstore if don’t have one before.

Install and Open the app then Click on + sign, click on Import .vhd file and enter the password given to the file you download from here and connect.

Note: your Airtel sim card have to be on 0.0kb with no active data to avoid deduction to avoid story.

V2RAY hybrid settings for 9mobile Free browsing daily

For 9mobile unlimited free daily browsing on the V2Ray Hybrid application, you need to get the configuration file needed from here and enter Gantech as a password after downloading the application.

Import the file with same procedure mentioned above for other Networks, click on connect and enjoy.

Note: you need a little data to power the app to make the data Unlimited just like the Glo cheat we mentioned above.

How to import V2Ray Hybrid file Tutorial

How to avoid your data being deducted

Goto your phone Settings >> Click on Network & Internet >> select VPN >> click on the settings icon in front of the VPN you want to modify the settings >> Click toggle ON “Always-on VPN” and >> Select Block connections without VPN”.  Note you have to disable this setting whenever you want to use another VPN on your phone.

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