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Are you curious on how to monitors your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend WhatsApp chats or your child in school, then you should definitely take a look at this guide on how to do that quickly in fewer seconds?

WhatsApp Spy is an app created for you to spy on your friends or child WhatsApp Account without letting them know how or when you did that.

This app can work on your phone if rooted or not rooted and you can read all chat, images, videos, audio messages directly on your phones whether new or old messages and send messages directly from your phone with the user account, without the owner knowing how.

Features of WhatsApp SPY App

  • No root required to use
  • Monitor personal chats and group chats
  • See full picture and names
  • Monitor time and date of chat
  • See phone numbers
  • Available for both android and iOS
  • Free to use, no payment required.

Requirements to spy

  • WhatsApp SPY App
  • Your phone and victim you want to spy phone (just for a lil time)
  • Internet access ( check for free browsing tricks)

How to spy on someone chat on WhatsApp

1. First download the WhatsApp SPY app below

3. Go to Menu and tap on the “WhatsApp Web” option

2. After downloading get the person’s you want to spy phone and launch the person WhatsApp app

4. launch the WhatsApp SPY app on your phone and scan the barcode from the person’s phone, wait for the app to finish scanning and voila! You have the person’s chats on your WhatScan app.

6. It’s highly recommended to set your default browser to opera mini browsers or Firefox for this Trick to work effectively.

Watch Video Tutorial Below

NameWhatsApp SPY
Size9.82 MB
RootNo root required
Telegram ChannelJoin Here


Note that using this app in any inappropriate way may result in a conflict with the users you are spying on or tracking, make sure you do it in a way you won’t be caught in the process, for more help or assistance don’t forget to drop a comment below.

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  1. This so-called hack is using WhatsApp web functionality to operate.
    The person you are spying on can log your other device or app out from his/her WhatsApp web tab.
    It can be easily noticed by a smart partner.

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