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Glo 22x Plan: Enjoy 2200% recharge offer + Free 5GB data monthly

Glo Nigeria SIM services provider introduce a new traffic plan called Glo 22X plan for all Their customers to enjoy, unlimited bonus recharge & free data offers.

In this post, we shall be talking about how to join the new Glo traffic plan and the benefits it carries, as a member of the plan package.

What’s Glo 22x

Glo 22x plan is a new traffic plan that is created to reward Glo users with a mouth-watering recharge Bonus on every new airtime recharged, you are liable to get a 22x call bonus and free data on all new recharge you made.

glo 22x

Benefits of joining Glo 22x Plan

  • Free 5gb data bonus monthly
  • 22x (2200%) daily recharge Bonus
  • Free data bonus
  • Fair call rate

Bonus offer Package

AMOUNTVOICE (Main Act)VOICE (Bonus Act)Data Credit BonusMain Data Bonus
N100N100N350N175040 MB
N200N200N700N3500200 MB
N500N500N1750N8750500 MB
N1000N1000N3500N175001 GB
N5000N5000N17500N875005 GB
The benefit of glo 22x

How do I activate Glo 22x bonus

In other to activate Glo 22x on your SIM, you have to make sure Glo SIM you want to use for this activation is unused for at least 30 days before you can activate.

How do I check my bonus recieved

You will get a confirmation message from Glo about the activation and your Bonus details, you can dial #122# USSD code to check your Glo 22x bonus balance.

What’s is the USSD code for Glo 22x plan

There is no valid, USSD code to activate the 22x plan, all you need to do is keep your SIM inactive for at least 30 days. Then you can start recharging to get 22 times Bonus.

Can I accumulate my 22x data bonus

Yes, you can keep accumulating your bonus on all new recharge you made, the higher you recharge you get more bonus you are liable to get.

How many days will my 22x bonus expire

All bonus are valid only for a limited time or period of just 7 days only

Can I roll over my Unused bonus

Yes you can, all bonus can be carried over if you made a new recharge, before the deadline due date of 7 days.

Can i share my bonus received

No, you cant share your bonus with any other user, it can only be accessible on a given line only, any other Glo users can also activate their own.

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