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How to fix app not installed on any android

Easy and fast tips to fix app not installed error on any android phone. Many android users do face alot of issues while trying to download an app from a third-party website, there are certain things that cause this problem, which I will be talking about it here and how to fix them.

As an android users it’s normal for you to need to download some apps from a third party website apart from google play store, because not all apps are being published on playstore, and you might need to get them from an external website by downloading It.

But what if you are experiencing the app not installed error. There are many reasons that may give you the error response you get while you tried to install an app that is not directly from playStore App not installed, some of it may be that you have low storage memory required to use the app, or your phone version is lower to the app. In some cases, it might be the app is corrupt and it’s blocked by google play store.

Causes of app not installed error & Fix

There are many and different issues that may cause your android device not to install app from external website and give the error response App not installed. Below is a list of the causes and quick fix of app not installed on android:

1. Low phone storage

The main and common reason why most app dont install on some android users phone is that they dont have the required storage space to use the app they are trying to download from a third party website. A app might required you to have atleast 20gb of free storage space before downloading the app and install.

Quick Fix For low storage problem:

  • Free up unnecessary apps >> video >> apk files and some trash documents
  • You can use a phone cleaner application to make the process easier and faster
  • After creating upto the required space, you can download the app again.

2. Incompatible device

When you download app from a third party website you only have one option to download a single version provided by the app uploader or owner, but google playstore provide you the version that’s is compatible with your device, when you search for the app, or you either get the error message that the version is not compatible with your device. This one of the best advantages of downloading your app from playstore.

How to fix this type of error on android device:

  • Download the compatible version with your device
  • Try to install older version of the application

3. Old Application

If you are downloading an app that you have currently on your mobile device from a third-party website, then you need to get rid of the app before installing the new one you download, or else you might keep getting the error message of app not installing on your device. This happens mostly when you try to install an old version application.

Quick solution to this problem:

  • Get rid of old application before installing new one from external websites
  • Download the app from google playstore.

4. Unknown Application

one of the common problems is unknown application sources, when you download an app from different website apart from google playstore which is the only trusted source to download your apps, then you will get the error of unknown application sources and app not installing.

How to FIx this issue on your android:

  • Goto settings >> lock screen and security
  • Click on privacy and security
  • Permissions >> Unknown source
  • Click on allow the permission
  • You can also select the browser you used for browsing and allow the permission.

5. Package Installer data

This is a quick solution and fix for app not installing error which many people don’t know about it yet. Sometimes your package Installer data might be corrupt or malfunction, so you need to clear all the package Installer data before any app installation can work.

Steps to Clear package Installer data:

  • Goto your phone settings >> click on apps
  • Click menu and allow show system apps
  • Search for package Installer
  • Click on it >> clear all data
  • Click ok and try to install your app again


Any of the above solutions and fixes should work for you and help you to fix your app not installing problem. Perhaps if it doesn’t then maybe the app developer doesn’t release a version for your phone yet or your device is running on low Os.

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