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How to verify Adsense account in Nigeria Fast

Verify your google Adsense & Admob account in Nigeria with or without address mailed pin verification, I will be sharing the quick and easy steps to verify your google adsense identity and pin verification easily on this post without no much stress.

Adsense is the best and fastest way to make money from your blog, but in other to be able to enjoy the use of this service you need to follow all the due registration process and verification in other to be on safer side.

Google require you to verify your account identity after a couple of months when you get approved for AdSense on your website, then you will be requested to also to verify your address details by getting a verification mailed to your nearest post office around your area.

You are expected to get this pin verification in between 3-4 weeks from the day you request it on your adsense account dashboard. though people do complain and find it difficult to get this pin delivered from their post office branch, I think that’s one of the reason you are reading this.

How to verify your Adsense / Admob identity

The first verification step google requires you to do is to verify your AdSense or AdMob account identity with a valid id card such as original plastic voters card and national id card or driver licence, this verification process is highly important to do immediately or google will stop showing ads on your account until verified.

  1. Logon to your dashboard account
  2. Click on the verification action card
  3. get your id card ready and snapped
  4. snap both front and back clearly
  5. make it on one picture
  6. Upload and wait for 1-2 days for google to verify

How to verify Adsense account in Nigeria

Your adsense or admob account can be verified in two ways in nigeria, the first method is by verifying your address with pin verification through post office close to your adsense account. The other method which many people don’t really know about yet is by verifying with a valid Identity card such as a voters card or national id card.

How to request for adsense & admob verification pin

To be eligible for AdSense verification pin you need to have make upto atleast 10$ on your Adsense account, in other to be able to add your payment address details to use for your pin verification, when you have reached this minimum threshold then you can follow the below steps:

How to verify Adsense account in Nigeria
  • login to your adsense account
  • Scroll down a little you will see a verification card
  • click on verify
  • Click on request pin verification
  • you will get a success mail and time you will get your pin

Note: you can only request this pin for a limited attempt of (4 tries) only, you have to make sure the address details you entered are correct and most especially your postal code, which will be used to locate your nearest post office to send the pin to.

How to verify Adsense account in Nigeria

How to verify Adsense account in Nigeria Without Pin verification

Trust me this is the most simplest and fastest method to verify your adsense account in Nigeria without waiting for months before you get your pin, this method is highly useful when you have exhausted your first 4th tries to verify your account.

Requirements Needed:

  • Voters Card
  • National Id card
  • Driver licence
  • Bank statement

Quick Note: Your id address and name have to be the same on your adsense profile before attempting to do this, also make sure its upto to 4(three) times you request your last pin verification.

Steps To Follow:

  • Click on this link here
  • Enter your name as it appears on your account and Id
  • input your publisher id
  • Insert your google adsense mail
  • Snap the front & back of the id
  • use a grid photo editor to make it one
  • Click upload
  • you will get a successful confirmation about your new verified adsense account.

Note: this option to verify your account will only be available when you have exhausted your first 4th tries to verify your account by mailing it to the post office.

How to get adsense account publisher id

To get your adsense publisher id, logon to your adsense account >> click on account menu by the sidebar >> you will see your publisher id, select and copy it.


Can i use someone else Id to verify

Yes, you can use another person id to verify your adsense account, but the name and address have to be the same on your adsense account.

What happen if i dont verify my account

Google will place a limit on your adsense account and you won’t see any ads to appear on your website till it got verified

Can i use my details for payment

Yes, you can use your personal details for your adsense account payment, even if the address details are different.

Can i use the id i used to verify identity to very PIN verifcation

Yes, you can use same id to verify both your identity and pin verification but make sure the name and address are the same.

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  1. I have an adsense account, how do I know it has been approved for adsense?
    Because I remember I was given a code at some point, to add to my site….

    1. You have to add the code to your website to get approval, Google will mail u about it. You can use gsite kit wordpress plugin to d add d code automatically

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