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How to link your Glo SIM card with your (NiN) National id card

Recently we shared a valid ways to link your Airtel and Mtn Sim with (NIN) national id card for free. Today we will be sharing a new method to link your Glo SIM with your national id card (NIN) for free.

Linking of SIM with NiN have been the most trending stuff right now in Nigeria, since the announcement of the new Rule by NCC. All Nigerians are expected to start the linking process immediately to avoid Their SIM getting blocked by Their network provider.

Whereas, most of all the top mobile network in Nigeria (Airtel, Mtn) have provide a simple and easy way to link your NIN or national id card with your Various SIM card.

Today, I will be giving a quick and easy steps to link your NIN national id card with your Glo SIM card for free.

How to link your (NIN) National id card with your Glo SIM

  • Take your Android or IOS phone and open up
  • Goto message center
  • Get your NIN card ready
  • Copy your 11 digit NIN NUMBER
  • Write and send this on your message to 109
  • Example: UPDATENIN 12345678900 Mr Gan
  • Click enter and Send to 109
  • Note: Make sure details you entered are correct and we’ll verified before sending
  • For more clearance check below image.


Finally you should already known how to link your Glo SIM with your national id card for free. After doing the above little task, your NIN number will be submitted to Glo Nigeria for verification and final processing to link your SIM card for free, without visiting any Glo agent or any other places. If you don’t have your NIN yet click here to get yours for free.

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